Water Resources and Hydrology

GIT's extensive watershed and stormwater management expertise covers the full spectrum of projects including planning, assessment, design, permitting, and program management. Our staff's diversity provides our clients with the fexibility to develop, prioritize, and implement capital improvement programs to address their needs.

  • Environmental and water resources engineering: Develop drainage, hydrologic, hydrodynamic models of catchments, estuaries, tidal marsh, and coastal systems using state of the art computational software. Analyze and modify existing and design new water infrastructure including dams, levees, canals, pump stations and culverts.
  • Regional watershed modeling: Develop integrated surface and ground water hydrological models. Develop best management strategies using numerical modeling of nutrient and pollutant fate transport in ground and surface water.
  • Water quality: Development of water quality management programs to reduce the impact of nutrients on surface and subsurface waters. Development of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Best Management Programs (BMP) for reduced environmental impact.