Civil Engineering

GIT develops optimal infrastructure solutions and employs innovative green infrastructure methodologies to reduce the costs for roads, water supply and distribution systems, stormwater management and flood protection.

  • Stormwater drainage: Design and analysis of stormwater drainage systems to provide the required level of service for flood protection and stromwater management. Optimization methodologies are applied to ensure the greatest recharge, near zero surface runoff and the lowest infrastructure costs for each design alternative.
  • Water distribution and collection systems: Develop numerical models, and provide simulation, analysis and design of reservoirs, pump station design, water distribution and wastewater collection systems with the lowest cost of infrastructure, lowest energy requirements.
  • Groundwater control and dewatering: Development of detailed dewatering plans, numerical models to determine best groundwater control strategies in terms of location, pumping requirements and dewatering specifications.
  • Geothermal energy systems: Develop efficient geothermal systems through numerical analysis to reduce the energy used for air conditioning systems. Determine strategies for reducing the energy used by buildings and communities.